Barbara A Lane

We are all connected! We are all one!


Welcome! I am an International Digital Artist and Designer. Growing up in Alabama then moving to the beautiful state of Colorado has given me the opportunity to experience the stunning beauty of landscape and wildlife. Creating art is my way of expressing my soul artistically.

My online gallery comprises of contemporary 3D art, digital photo manipulations, and fractal art with an emphasis on experimental abstract art. I like to work with flames and fractals, photography of flora and fauna and then create intensive color design through image editing with Photoshop. My specialty is mandalas, fractals and kaleidoscopes. The main topic of most fractals is almost always a spiral form, which are characterized by depth and tuned to a harmony of color. I have a vivid imagination and have always been fascinated with the magic of kaleidoscopes and prisms. My recent focus is in Sacred Geometry, Digital Painting, and Photoshop Artistry. My technique is an ever-evolving process that allows for an expansion of higher awareness of the self. The circles within my artwork symbolizes the connection of our world. 'We are all connected. We are all one.'

The high quality of this eclectic digital artwork allows for large sized fine art prints. Please click on any image for a larger, more detailed view, or to purchase.

Join the conversation and connect with me at additional sites! Thank you and Namaste.

Website: www.barbaraalane.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/BarbaraALaneStudio

Twitter: https://twitter.com/Barbara_A_Lane

Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.com/barbaraalane


Blue Danube Kaleidoscope by Barbara A Lane


Colorful Metals Kaleidoscope by Barbara A Lane


Golden Feathers by Barbara A Lane


Fairest of Them All Kaleidoscope by Barbara A Lane